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Reinier van Beest

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self-portrait of Reinier van Beest
Nickname: Reinier van Beest Win ¤ $ $

Born on the 31st of July 1970 I got infected with photography at the age of 14. Did some dark room work at school, and saved the money I earned with my newspaper route to buy my first SLR, not an Olympus... When I could afford a better camera I bought my first Olympus, an OM2 s/p. For a few years I was engaged in other matters so photography went to the background. But when I saw the E-1 and the FT system I was sold and since then I'm spending more and more time on photography. Architecture and landscapes are my main areas of interest. I've founded my own company, Looking Up Fotografie, which focuses (literally!) on Architecture and Interiors.

Location: Netherlands
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Created: 2004-Oct-26
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