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Eģ - The Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway: A National Treasure Rediscovered.

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A Photographic exploration of and from the first scenic highway built in the United States and the first "modern" highway in the Pacific Northwest.

  • **NOTE***

I missed adding the story part of this essay, except for the sentence above and the captions on each image, which are unfortunately not part of the slide show. I had a good article to go along with this as I mistakenly thought the competition ended at the end of February. Please see the individual images for the captions that should go along with them.

I will not add the story I wrote since voting has begun. But if anybody wants to know about this place, the Official Oregon Highway Web Site has the following brochure in three languages. Here are the links.

Historic Columbia River Highway

El folleto en Espaņol

Die Broschüre auf Deutsch
  • **SECOND NOTE***

I have spent most of my life going to this place occasionally. For the last year I have gone every few weeks. There is much more to see and to document in this place and choosing 16 images for the competition was problematic.

I have decided to continue to add to the images in this folder, a sort of extended Photo Essay well beyond the scope and intent of the competition. If you wish to know which 16 images were originally submitted, look for the images named only with whole numbers from CRG_01 to CRG_16. Images added after the competition will have fractions, such as CRG_08.1 or CRG_08.85, and will also have a place name in the title.

Be sure to read the captions for each image to learn a little bit about the place and/or the particular image.

Images are arranged geographically from west to east, as if your were traveling from Portland (Troutdale), Oregon to The Dalles, Oregon.



E. Edwin Ennor ~ (Eģ) HoF Win ¤ $ 2005-Jan-31

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