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February 2005 - Photo Essay Contest

This competition is no longer active.
The highest average rating will determine the winner.
Submissions accepted from 2004-Dec-01 to 2005-Feb-21.
Voting is permitted between 2005-Feb-22 and 2005-Feb-28.
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Long term project folks! This competition requires that you create a photo essay to be viewed using the slideshow button at the top of an image folder.


  • Create an IMAGE FOLDER formatted as "Article - Member Name - Essay Title" at the following link:
  • Create a NEW ARTICLE in this folder formatted as "Member Name - Essay Title" and paste the link to the recently created image folder in both the summary and body of the article
  • Submit a minimum of 10 and maximum of 16 images in the image folder created above (please ensure images are checked as HIDDEN to prevent them from showing up on the front page)

At the end of the competition, the photos will no longer be in the hidden state and you'll be able to view them via the slideshow button. Afterwards you can rate each photo essay by rating the article associated with each entry. Good luck to all! This is new to us so it may be a little complicated.

HELPFUL NOTE 1! The following link discusses the details behind the competition:

HELPFUL NOTE 2! The following link discusses photo essays:

HELPFUL NOTE 3! The following link discusses image uploads for this competition:

VoteTitle Info
8.44/18 Auschwitz

was viviting Krakow 2 days before the media arrived, thought I knew the all about their great solution!....could only walk around shocked and horrified.
2005-Feb-10 16:00 EST
Simon Feeney
8.22/18 Michael Hoefner - Station to Station 2005-Jan-18 11:09 EST
michael hoefner
8.18/17 E. Edwin Ennor - The Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway: A National Treasure Rediscovered. 2005-Jan-31 16:40 EST
E. Edwin Ennor ~ (Eł)
8.11/18 Caroline M. Skilbred - Golden Lane, Prague 2005-Feb-02 18:56 EST
p.t. Inactive
7.83/18 Caroline M. Skilbred - Looking Down in Prague 2005-Jan-23 20:33 EST
p.t. Inactive
7.81/16 John Stankewitz-East Texas Architecture 2005-Feb-21 00:22 EST
John Stankewitz
7.56/18 Samuel Orutsa - 6 days in Yunan 2005-Feb-19 17:34 EST
Samuel Orutsa
7.19/16 Eugene Donohoe - The Bots 2005-Feb-13 10:42 EST
Eugene Donohoe
7.13/16 A Feel for The New Forest

Some New Forest Textures for your enjoyment.

2005-Feb-20 12:20 EST
Rex Waygood
6.69/16 Michael Hoefner - the coming essay 2005-Feb-01 09:26 EST
michael hoefner
6.67/15 John Mitchell - Old Colorado City Farmer's Market

Farmer's Markets are found all over the world. What a wonderful alternative to the cold, sterile environment of the modern-day supermarket. People gather to socialize, enjoy colors and smells, appreciate the industry and creativity of the growers and sellers, walk and generally have a relaxing time. I took this series of photos over a month this past summer at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Old Colorado City, Colorado.
2005-Feb-04 20:40 EST
John Mitchell
6.33/6 Rustam Babajev - Tallinn 2005-Feb-09 18:31 EST
Rustam Babajev
1.00/3 The Architecture of Earl A. Young

Earl A. Young,born 3-31-1889, died Spring 1975. A designer and builder of unique stone houses and cottages that have left a lasting impression on Charlevoix MI.

2005-Feb-21 11:17 EST
Charles Bonham
1.00/3 Bransgore Village and Parish

A walh round the village and Parish of Bransgore.
2005-Feb-13 01:46 EST
Rex Waygood

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