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E-1 or E-300 as second camera?

I'd be curious to know who either has or will be selecting an E-1 or E-300 as their second camera.

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I chose the E-1.:
I chose the E-300.:
I bought both and have three cameras in my system.:
I am waiting instead to see if Panasonic comes up with something for the 4/3 System.:
I don't need a second camera.:

by John Gilbert

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I ticked I don't need a second camera, but I use my little IXUS 400 when I can't be bothered to carry the E-1 and for underwater photography. When an E-3 (or whatever it will be called) comes, I may purchase that one and "reduce" my E-1 to second camera (as I think it will be very difficult to sell the E-1 for a price which makes it worth selling).

p.t. Inactive Win ¤ $ at 05:29 EST on 2005-Mar-02 [Reply]


Well, Caroline beat me to it! I use the C5050 occasionally but not as much as I used to. I don't really need a second camera but I will definitely be interested when the E3 comes out and for the same reason as Caroline.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 18:48 EST on 2005-Mar-02 [Reply]


also ticked 'dont need a second'. but thats not true. i need a additional p+s digicam. by the time i will buy one. meanwhile i use my analoque mju: II for that purpose.

when an new E-x will come i'm sure it will be out of my budget :( so my E-1 had do it for a longer time.

michael hoefner HoF Win ¤ $1 at 04:59 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]

Powershot S330

I still have my trustworthy Powershot S330 - the model preceding Caroline's IXUS 400 - and I use it for hiking where weight is a constraint and I can't carry the E1. I might also get an underwater casing for it - much cheaper than one for the E1!

Danny Yee ¤ $1 at 07:30 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]


Like Caroline & Eugene I would wait for an upgrade to the E1 before buying any more cameras.

For times when I don't want to take or when its impractical to take my E1 system I use a C8080 or Sony T1.

Even more so now in this digital age when you try to upgrade to a new camera the price you would get for the old camera makes it dificult to justify the extra expense, as I have found when I tried to trade in my Nikon D100 + lenses I got the car salesman technique of saying they would find it difiicult to sell on so in the end you end up with a system sitting on the shelf or in a cupboard.


John Green ¤ $1 at 10:16 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]


I always use my Canon PS A70 for every shot... well, not anymore since my E300 arrived, the best dSLR I've used or tried, so far. Far better than the Rebel, D70 & Fuji S2Pro in handling & photo quality aspects.

Now, I use the A70 only for underwater photography. :-)

Chris Alcala HoF ¤1 at 11:00 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]


My E-1 is a tank and has shot so many images it may wear out before the E-3 comes out! LOL. I await a new and much wider lens first, but do not need a second camera. My second camera is a Hasselblad Xpan. :-)

E. Edwin Ennor ~ (E≥) HoF Win ¤ $1 at 11:52 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]

Spare cameras and equipment

I see that several of you have found out that itís difficult selling used camera and equipment getting a price which makes it worth the trouble selling it. The organization for press journalists in Norway have just recently had a campaign collecting camera and equipment to ship it to Afghanistan in cooperation with AÔna which has started a photojournalist school in Kabul ( A great idea I think. Maybe there are other organizations in other countries which collect used cameras and equipment to give to other countries? I gave away my old analogue cameras (except one) when I went digital to youngsters who were keen amateur photographers, but couldnít afford buying SLRs. If I hadnít done that, my old cameras and lenses would perhaps have been used by photo journalist students in Kabul now. :-)

p.t. Inactive Win ¤1 $ at 14:59 EST on 2005-Mar-03 [Reply]


I'm in doubt as to buying a second E-1, or waiting for "the next real E". I'd like an E-1 Mark II with a bit more pixels and better signal-to-noise ratio, but it just isn't clear when it will come..

Reinier van Beest Win ¤ $ $1 at 13:10 EST on 2005-Mar-04 [Reply]

Reinier, I Think

that until someone comes up with a completely different sensor technology you will get one or other but not both.

It is this conflict that makes me think the fourthirds format may be a dead end.

Rex Waygood HoF ¤1 $ at 13:33 EST on 2005-Mar-04 [Reply]


Like some others I also use a 5060 as back-up but prefer the E1 for handling and use in less than perfect weather (the 5060 is not weatherproof and is much less robust).

I also have a Nikon F3 system which for the present I have retained. My wife regularly tries to pursuade me to sell the Nikon system but I still find film more seductive and friendly in many ways.

I am not yet fully convinced or committed to digital due to its many limitations but also appreciate its 'all embracing features'. Therefore I would be unlikely to consider an E3 (or whatever the next model will be called) but could be pursuaded to invest in a Nikon F6??? Sorry for the heresy but I find film more demanding and satisfying.

However, I will continue using both the 5060 and the E1. I specially like the 50-200 lens as the sharpness and colour performance seems superior to the 14-54. Does anyone else agree with my comment on the 50-200?

Ken Carter1 at 18:15 EST on 2005-Mar-04 [Reply]

I Forgot!

Judging from submissions to this WEB-Site it would seem that the E300 is a much much better performer than the reviews suggest. In fact I have been very surprised and impressed by its colour and colour saturation performance.

Ken Carter1 at 18:19 EST on 2005-Mar-04 [Reply]


I hope you're wrong there, as to the dead end. It would be a shame for a system that is so well thought through. I can hardly imagine that they really underestimated the problems with the sensor. Ah well, if we can make such great pictures with the current bodies, what are we worrying about?

Reinier van Beest Win ¤ $ $1 at 18:27 EST on 2005-Mar-05 [Reply]


Ken I agree with you on both counts re the 50-200 and the E300. I have been amazed at the high quality images coming from the E300. Hopefully that bodes well for the next E1 or whatever it is called. I hope the 7-14 will be as good if not better than the 50-200. I agree with your other comment too. Even if the 4/3rds system is a dead end, as highly revered Brother Rex suggests, sure aren't we havin a grand old time in the meantime?!

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 19:33 EST on 2005-Mar-06 [Reply]

I missed the last comments. Some Points

My worry is that when I make an investment like the E1 I spend a long time exploring the pros and cons. I was very convinced that the E1 was a good investment at the time and I am pleased I purchased it.

For my club photography the 5Mp sensor is just about at bottom limit of acceptability. I would like to print larger than I can currently (or crop a bit).

Now I am considering the investment in a 7-14mm which is currently more than the price of a new E1, so it represents a reasonable investment.

So given the conflict between noise and pixel count, would I carry that lens over onto a new body?

I do not know the answer to that yet but I am trying to answer that question. It may be that my next camera will need to be a 35mm sized CCD to get the noise and pixel count I require. If so then the 7-14mm investment would be on a dead end body. As has been said the 2nd hand value of these things is low.

The other option is that there is a breakthrough on CCD performance and we can get more pixels without the added noise! (Fingers crossed if I buy that lens)

Rex Waygood HoF ¤1 $ at 08:10 EST on 2005-Mar-07 [Reply]


Yes Rex, I have had similar misgivings like you about this. My hope is that with all the feedback Oly is getting on these issues, that they may be successful with the next E? and the ccd and the noise and the higher pixel count. A friend of mine that is considering moving from film to digital keeps an eye on things here and is giving active consideration to buying into canon, perhaps the 20D. For a 35mm sized ccd, that may be a wise move for the future what with lens etc etc. Having said that, a reasonably affordable 35mm sized ccd would be very expensive in the short term at least. My hope is that Oly will be able to up the quality in terms of pixel count, ccd quality and issues with noise. Having said that, images do print very well up to A3. The quality from the E300, at least on web viewed images here is quite impressive and seems to support the notion that improvements are being made in the right direction. I hope your feeling that the 4/3rds system may be a dead end prove to be wrong! The quality of the lens is superb and hopefully this will be the same if not better with the 7-14.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 16:57 EST on 2005-Mar-07 [Reply]


The 35 mm ccd reference is not to the 20D but to the future - just to ward off the correctionalists!

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 16:59 EST on 2005-Mar-07 [Reply]

sensor improvements

I don't think there's any doubt that an 8MP Four Thirds sensor is possible with noise performance as good as the existing E1's. It would just cost a bit more than the one in the E300. Whether 10 or 12 MP is doable is another story...

Danny Yee ¤ $1 at 05:51 EST on 2005-Mar-08 [Reply]


My impression is that Olympus works slowly; when they started working with the E-1 they must have thought 5Mp would be plenty enough, but by the time they were ready to introduce the body on the market competitors had gone up to 8Mp and more. I donít really think the main problem will be ability to make cameras with more pixels, but the size of the CCD. As it is smaller any trace of dust etc will be augmented on larger prints/crops.

I think E-1 (or the FourThirds system) is a good camera for amateurs (and also for some professionals Ė like photo journalists who donít need large size and high quality prints). What I like best about the camera/system is that it is light weight. Other brands have also made lighter bodies now, but their lenses (with comparable price and quality) are heavier. When others start making lighter lenses with same quality and same (or cheaper) price as the Zuiko lenses I think that will be the end of the FourThirds standard. Those of us who donít need large, high quality prints can probably go on being happy with the E-1 (or E-3) for years and years.

Depending on the price of an E-3 I would perhaps upgrade. Not because I have to (I donít need large, high quality prints) Ė just because I would want to. I upgrade my PC every two and three years Ė not because I have to. I just want a bigger, faster, newer model even though I could have managed pretty well with the old ones. I have fast broadband connection Ė I could have managed with less fast broadband or ADSL too.

p.t. Inactive Win ¤1 $ at 08:05 EST on 2005-Mar-10 [Reply]


Actually, E-1 is my second camera...or I bought it for this purpose...for playing with no aditional costs and timewasting scanning....but is so good for color e-1 is main now :))) But I love making prints in darkroom as shooting with old OM4 so much, that both are first...;-) Now I use OM-4 for travelling and for making BW and IR pictures...I,m going to try UV so I'm very curious about E-1....

lukas kosek ¤1 at 14:54 EST on 2005-Mar-11 [Reply]

*Second* camera? Try ninth!

My name's Jan, and I'm a Zuikoholic. What's this foolishness about a SECOND camera?

Jan Steinman ¤1 at 03:58 EDT on 2005-Jun-02 [Reply]


I ticked both, my first digital Olympus C-300 zoom 3.0 megapixel. Second camera E-1 , boy what a change . Third camera E-300 , must say I am very happy with the E-300 dont know wy but I like to grab the E-300 more than the E-1.

Fonzy v S ¤1 at 16:43 EDT on 2005-Jul-27 [Reply]


At this point, I would like to think about accessories rather than a second camera. I am having a hard time finding them in Canada though.

Michelle Landry ¤1 at 06:32 EST on 2005-Dec-08 [Reply]