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tree of life

tree of life
Copyright ©2005, chris nunan ¤

A tree on a lake..

Photographer: chris nunan ¤
Folder: Oly E300 images
Uploaded: 2005-Feb-28 07:42 EST
Current Rating: 7.00/4 (Weighted rating: 7.50)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-300
Lens: Olympus 14-45mm f3.5/5.6
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Aperture: f 5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/200
Focal Length: 18mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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Nice shot, and the exposure is fine. But somehow, I think there's something lacking. Could the area on the right side give a balancing element?

Chris Alcala HoF ¤ at 10:43 EST on 2005-Feb-28 [Reply]

balance yes and no

Hi Chris Why do you need som more balance? I tried to match the picture with the 3'ds rule and it looks ok. Look here:


chris nunan ¤ at 16:57 EST on 2005-Feb-28 [Reply]


I agree. I think a composition with the tree a little to then left would open up the right to more interest. Interst stops with the tree with this composition.

Tom West ¤ $ at 22:37 EST on 2005-Feb-28 [Reply]


The title seems inappropriate. My suggestion is more tree and more life if you're calling it "Tree of Life". This tree appears shut down for the winter and not very lively. A close, square crop might have done some good here.

Not trying to be harsh, just "dead honest".

David McMaster HoF Win ¤ $ at 22:59 EST on 2005-Feb-28 [Reply]

tree of life

Hi David We have a hymn here in Denmark that goes something like "The tree of life on the shore of life" - I know this tree from all seasons and to me I associated "Tree of life" maybe because spring is right round the corner even on a cold bright day like this. Thanks for your comment

chris nunan ¤ at 02:51 EST on 2005-Mar-01 [Reply]