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Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus
Copyright ©2005, dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1

picadilly circus is not unlike times square in the US; this place is pretty much packed like sardines around Xmas; it's amazing how cabs, busses, and autos can co share this tiny roundabout w the zillions of humans w/o anyone getting hurt.

Photographer: dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1
Folder: Architecture Work
Uploaded: 2005-Jan-18 02:06 EST
Current Rating: 7.80/5 (Weighted rating: 7.89)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-1
Lens: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8/3.5
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Aperture: f22
Shutter Speed: 1/1.3
Focal Length: 28mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: Yes
Critique Level: Detailed Help and Encouragement

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i love motion blur shots. this is not a typical picadilly pic. without the big advertising lights (on the right?). even though u used 28mm focal length is looks a bit like 14mm. maybe i would have correct the vertical angle of the building in the middle. anyway, well done.

regards michael

michael hoefner HoF Win ¤ $ at 02:23 EST on 2005-Jan-18 [Reply]


ok...from now on to avoid confusion i'll use the original E1 lens setting w/o doubling it to 35mm perspective . Cheers, ;-))

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 17:50 EST on 2005-Jan-18 [Reply]


John, It's the basic idea behind this show that the place is basically a, uh....'circus' ;-))

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 17:52 EST on 2005-Jan-18 [Reply]


Good one. Lots of movement in the picture.

Juha Makkonen ¤1 at 14:46 EST on 2005-Jan-19 [Reply]


Hi DeeVee, also a great capture of this place. I love the dynamic.


Bernhard Sedlmaier1 at 17:18 EST on 2007-Dec-16 [Reply]