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Home Baking (The Conclusion)

Home Baking (The Conclusion)
Copyright ©2012, Chris Cooke HoF ¤1

You'll probably prefer the colour version of this

Photographer: Chris Cooke HoF ¤1
Folder: ChrisCooke
Uploaded: 2012-Jun-13 19:45 EDT
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Camera: Olympus E-3
Lens: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8/3.5
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed:
Focal Length:
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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excellent, GS, wonderful "open" shadows in the background, since this is not a portrait I will not quibble about the dark side of her face. If it were a portrait a little fill light would be in order. I think this is really a B&W image, color wouldn't improve it.

c. stirling bartholomew ¤ at 19:57 EDT on 2012-Jun-13 [Reply]


... it occurred to me I probably misunderstood your comment. This is a color image ...

c. stirling bartholomew ¤ at 20:02 EDT on 2012-Jun-13 [Reply]


colors would have made this a Vermeer but with that window contrast, mono works quite well ...all that chroma noise perhaps wouldn't look so good in colors ?

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 21:02 EDT on 2012-Jun-13 [Reply]


Sorry Clayton, this is a mono version.

I was assuming people would prefer the "old master" effect that Dee alludes to with his "Vermeer" reference. But I dabbled with a mono anyway and while I was twiddling with the tint I suddenly had some sort of memory flashback which had something to do with "Be-Ro" flour. So I warmed to the version without really understanding why.

A quick search of the 'net revealed the flashback was probably to do with the recipe books that the company that owned the brand "Be-Ro" used to publish and distribute for free.

Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 02:54 EDT on 2012-Jun-14 [Reply]


Personally, I looked at this and thought "Chekov".

You're getting something right and I'll bet the cloud one doesn't come close to triggering the variety you've managed to engender with the mono version.

Mike Leadbetter ¤1 at 08:17 EDT on 2012-Jun-14 [Reply]


Thanks Mike, but being the poorly read philistine that I am, I don't understand the reference to "Chekov".

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 16:35 EDT on 2012-Jun-16 [Reply]


Famous Russian playwright in the 19C. Wrote about the upper middle classes and aristos in straitened circumstances.

Mike Leadbetter ¤1 at 06:17 EDT on 2012-Jun-17 [Reply]


Great light... enough to tell the story.

Robert Melnyk HoF ¤ $1 at 14:32 EDT on 2012-Jun-18 [Reply]


Thanks Rob. I've recently been back there and managed to catch some different characters doing different chores, so I hope to share some of the results soon.

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 07:05 EDT on 2012-Jun-20 [Reply]