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Art Train


Art Train
Copyright ©2011, Charles Bonham ¤ $

1940's R/R car, Ann Arbor MI

Photographer: Charles Bonham ¤ $
Uploaded: 2011-Mar-14 21:54 EDT
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Camera: Olympus E-5
Lens: Olympus ED 12-60mm f2.8/4.0 SWD
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 200
Aperture: 8
Shutter Speed: 1/800
Focal Length: 26
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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very interesting treatment, almost IR like!

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 11:54 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


Yes, it does look a bit like IR. It also brings out the "cold steel look" you probably intended it to have. Looks like a very modern railroad car for the 1940's. In Lund (Sweden) I once slept in a one, dating from the same period, but that one is all polished wood and such, so this one really surprised me.

Jimmy Swiggers ¤1 at 19:21 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


hard to tell what sort of finish, chrome?

like the treatment, slightly surreal.

c. stirling bartholomew ¤1 at 20:21 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


Thanks Don , it's B&W blue toned then I posterized the B&W layer and reduced the opacity. Just playing around.

Charles Bonham ¤ $1 at 22:12 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


Thanks Jimmy, yes I was going for the cold blue steel look.

Charles Bonham ¤ $1 at 22:14 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


Thanks Clayton, I believe it's made of polished aluminum much like the old Greyhound buses, the 40's was the end of the Art Deco, streamline era. I don't know what the inside it like today but I bet when it was in service it was decorated in Deco style. The sign on the side of the train (not the graffiti) said it was the Art Train.

Charles Bonham ¤ $1 at 22:24 EDT on 2011-Mar-15 [Reply]


Charles - beautiful image. The result of your "playing around" suits the piece well. It looks like she is ready to fly.

Blair Michener ¤1 $ at 18:24 EDT on 2011-Mar-16 [Reply]


Thanks for your nice comments Blair. I do like to experiment.

Charles Bonham ¤ $1 at 20:18 EDT on 2011-Mar-18 [Reply]


your playing around paid off... like the "different" result...

Robert Melnyk HoF ¤ $1 at 10:05 EDT on 2011-Mar-19 [Reply]