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Hobie Cat

Hobie Cat
Copyright ©2009, Doug Hale ¤1

Photographer: Doug Hale ¤1
Folder: Man Made Objects
Uploaded: 2009-Oct-11 09:53 EDT
Current Rating: 8.67/3 (Weighted rating: 8.29)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-510
Lens: Olympus ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 400
Aperture: f11
Shutter Speed: 1/350
Focal Length: 9mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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Love the clouds Doug, accentuated by the wide angle I presume (I just bought the 9-18 ... how are you liking it?). This scene has prompted me to go online and book a vacation to somewhere warm (it is -8 and snowing here today)

Glen Holland ¤1 at 11:51 EDT on 2009-Oct-11 [Reply]


Yes, like the clouds too, also like the tire tracks leading into the frame. Might be dramatic in black and white.

Charles Bonham ¤ $1 at 15:45 EDT on 2009-Oct-11 [Reply]


Thanks for the comment Glen. I like the perspective when using the 9-18 plus it works well on the E-P1. With 8 degrees and snow, you need to be someplace warm. ;-))

Doug Hale ¤1 at 16:42 EDT on 2009-Oct-11 [Reply]


I don't usually think in terms of black & white, but you prompted me to consider a conversion. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. Cheers

Doug Hale ¤1 at 16:45 EDT on 2009-Oct-11 [Reply]


great shot in my opinion Doug!! HoF

Fed ® 連銀 Win ¤ at 12:49 EDT on 2009-Oct-12 [Reply]


Thanks for the rating and comment, Fed! ;-)

Doug Hale ¤1 at 16:53 EDT on 2009-Oct-12 [Reply]


What an angle! I guess I'm in trouble, loved the results with the 9-18... Santa´s bag is going to get full! Great work!

Leandro Fonseca ¤1 at 19:16 EST on 2009-Nov-11 [Reply]


Thanks Leandro. I like the perspective with the 9-18, especially if you have an interesting sky or background. Regards. ;-)

Doug Hale ¤1 at 23:38 EST on 2009-Nov-11 [Reply]