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Are you disappointed with E1 RAW?

E1 raw in Photoshop CS vs. Olyumpus Studio. Using the trial version of OS that came with the camera, I was able to salvage architectural images that were unsalable using the photoshop plugin for processing. (interpolation problems) However, I would not buy Olympus Studio as it is cumbersome and unresponsive, and will cease using Raw and shoot Tiff for quality unless someone comes up with a better answer. So far, the E20 I have used for 2 years delivered a crisper image with less artifacts using the same plugin for Photoshop.

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interpolation artifacts in PhotoshopCS somewhat removed when "developed" in Olympus Studio Raw:
Quality of raw eclipsed by tiff to the point that raw resembles SQ in quality.:

by greg spaulding

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unfortunately the trial version of Olympus Studio that came with the camera didn t work on MAC OS 10.3.x


be unwilling to buy a 199$ software without trying. on the other side i spoke to a oly rep at photokina: its unnecessary to buy oly studio (if u own PS CS) until u need the cam control via computer.

nevertheless i would very much like to tryout oly studio on my mac with actual OS.


michael hoefner HoF Win ¤ $ at 03:15 EST on 2004-Dec-07 [Reply]

Best solution for Olympus E1

Olympus is a leader in optics and cameras but forget about their software. On the other hand Adobe has created a good plug-in with the best algorithms for loading RAW files. Have you ever heard about DCRAW? Have a look at:

But, all of them havenīt got any E1 ICC profile. E1 colour is goot but not perfect and never 100% accurate. You need to calibrate your camera with GretagMacBeth, Kodak, Afga, Wolf Faust colour charts to create good ICC profiles. Itīs almost impossible create 100% accurate profiles. I have used many software packages for building ICC profiles for my E1 and I never could create a perfect one. All of them had problems of clipping in very dark areas when I used to apply the profile under PS. PhaseONE E1 ICC is superb! PhaseONE C1 PRO is a beast in all terms and specially in colour accuracy. Youīll be amazed with the colour of your pictures. Whatīs the problem? ;-) This software is using inadequate color demosaicing algorithms for recovering full-color images from RAW files. Nearly in 100% of my images I can find patterns over colors, maybe produced becasue E-1 CCD is a four-color RGBG CCD??? Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW plug-in copes very well with E-1 RAW images due to it uses part of DCraw program to decode raw digital camera images. This software uses a superb algorithm called "Variable Number of Gradients" that works great! You can find it here:

Go to Algorithm Comparison and have a look to subjetive and objetive quality measure.

PhaseONE will launch on 20th of December the final version with all bugs repaired. Itīll be 3.6 version and they are reporting color demosaicing algorithms will improve. Hope this could help you

David Irisarri

David Irisarri ¤ $ at 13:51 EST on 2004-Dec-07 [Reply]

Old timer...

A lot of this is beyond me as an old timer. I hate the slowness of the Olympus software! And I am offended by having to pay to use something that should come with the camera. I bought the camera at full retail less than a week after it was released and feel I should have gotten the whole package. So, screw the Oly software!

I have photoshop cs and the latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in works well enough for me and is fast. I am happy to trade less than perfect color for the CA correction the plug-in offers. Colors can be corrected and/or changed

As for "perfect" color, is there such a thing? Some people prefer images a bit warmer (me) and some prefer them a bit cooler. Sometimes I think the search for perfect color is like searching for the holy grail. I don't think you will ever find it! But you can get damned close to perfect color. It is the process of doing and printing that produces a perfect image IMHO. Shoot more, worry less, and make the best prints you are able to. Imagery is the goal and perfection may be an illusion.

E. Edwin Ennor ~ (Eģ) HoF Win ¤ $ at 20:36 EST on 2004-Dec-07 [Reply]


There's a free software tool called dcraw which can convert E-1 raw files. For those of you not running Linux, Windows and OS X binaries are here:

Apparently it's "better" (in at least some sense) than the Canon File Viewer Utility:

I haven't used this yet as I've only been shooting SHQ jpegs, but it's on my list of things to do!

Danny Yee ¤ $ at 07:48 EST on 2004-Dec-22 [Reply]