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The Deep


The Deep
Copyright ©2008, adrian tear HoF Win ¤ $

I actually used the 11-22 a lot today but when I got home found that most shots had a big smudge in the middle. I must clean it. this was taken with the 70-300 and seemed to turn out OK.

Photographer: adrian tear HoF Win ¤ $
Uploaded: 2008-Feb-13 13:53 EST
Current Rating: 9.33/3 (Weighted rating: 8.57)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-500
Lens: Olympus ED 70-300mm f4.0/5.6
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Aperture: 7.1
Shutter Speed: 1/400
Focal Length: 70mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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i love the colours and lines, the lens are doing you proud,well done

robert cooper ¤ ¤ at 15:37 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


The reflecting light, the blue "panels" created by the light, very nice.

Geno Sajko HoF Win ¤ $1 at 15:38 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


Special building, very well captured.

Wiliam Wagenaar ¤ $1 at 16:45 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


The bird really makes the shot for me. That, and the bit of red I can see through the glass. Beautiful colors throughout. I find myself feeling a bit uncomfortable about the position of the apex so close to the edge, but I also can't think of an alternate compo that would work better.

Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤1 $ at 18:55 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


I think the 7-300 did well and so did you. I like the geometry and the point of view. The bird is a nice touch.

Frank Brault ¤1 $ at 21:02 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


A 7-300 would be nice. :)

Frank Brault ¤1 $ at 21:04 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


This is excellent adrian. It has so many elements that have been shown. what a great eye for composition on this one . I have debated with myself whether or not I like the patch of grey in the lowere left corner and still can't decide, but the detail inside the glass "prow" keeps taking my eye away. This one is worthy in my opinion. great work. george

george shaw ¤1 at 22:14 EST on 2008-Feb-13 [Reply]


lovely geometry and pleasing colors Adrian; you cougth the bird at the4 perfect moment!

vaggelis fragiadakis HoF Win ¤ $1 $ at 05:56 EST on 2008-Feb-14 [Reply]

Bad housekeeping, Adrian!

I once thought that my 11-22 had a permanent smudge in between some of the lens elements. I saw it in a lot of my images. Later discovered that it was prevalent at f16 and f22. Later discovered that it was in all of my images shot above f16, regardless of lens used. Verdict? There must be a smudge or flaw in my sensor that manifests when light is incident on it via very small apertures. Disappointing but I have learned to live with it.

This image? Well, for what it's worth, I think if it was mine it would be saying to me "I want to be B&W and higher in contrast." Nice compo and enough variation in hues to provide some options in B&W conversion IMO. Regards.

Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $1 at 06:15 EST on 2008-Feb-14 [Reply]


Thanks Robert. You too Geno and William. It is an aquarium or to be more exact a submarium. Not sure what the difference is. I actually had more sky to play with Elisabeth but I chose this crop intentionally as it looked better to my eyes. Can't really explain why. A 7-300 lens .. now how much would that cost? Thanks George. I liked the patch of grey as it seemed to weigh the building down somehow. I was pleased with the bird Vaggelis but I have to confess to you and Elisabeth that I moved it dlightly from its original position. Thanks for that educational story Rob. I have cleaned the lens now and it's fine thank goodness. As for the BW option, I thought about it and my next post is one of those but the colours seemed strong in this one. I'll have to give it a try now though.

adrian tear HoF Win ¤ $ at 14:53 EST on 2008-Feb-14 [Reply]