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Chess Study

Chess Study
Copyright ©2008, Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $

iso 640. I drew my game.

Photographer: Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $
Folder: Eugene Donohoe - Misc Rated
Uploaded: 2008-Feb-10 19:16 EST
Current Rating: 0.00/0 (Weighted rating: 8.00)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-3
Lens: Olympus ED 12-60mm f2.8/4.0 SWD
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Aperture: f5.6
Shutter Speed: 1/20
Focal Length: 60
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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An eyecatcher

I don't pretend to know what the shirt slogan means, Eugene, but I think it's a very effective image. A totally unexpected viewpoint has got it off to a great start in the interest stakes. I think the subject's asymmetrical ears, shaved head and the spectacles 'leg' really conveys the impression of a chess nerd (no disrespect intended). I like the OoF pieces in the BG and that you have showed some adversaries from both sides. Best regards.

Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $ at 21:47 EST on 2008-Feb-10 [Reply]


Thank you very much Rob.

Yes it is a bit 'nerdy' now that you say it! I believe that the quote is from the Lord Of The Rings? I liked the humour in the situation.

I meant to also say that I used a trial version of Lightroom to process this image from beginning to end and just used PS to resize the image and sharpen. I'm quite impressed by Lightroom and see what you were saying about DAM. Your comments were very useful to me and thanks for that.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 03:36 EST on 2008-Feb-11 [Reply]

The DAM Book

Eugene, I found myself in a situation last year where I had to come to a proper understanding of DAM and implement a good management system for my employer's corporate image library. I read The DAM Book from cover to cover twice and felt that I had a good understanding of digital asset management. After reading Peter Krogh's book, I formed the view that I needed to implement the same kind of system for my own image collection. I haven't yet completed that implementation but I'm getting there. It means revisiting all of my images, culling them and cataloguing each of the survivors as well as adding keywords, titles and descriptive text. Lightroom is pivotal to storing all of that information and making it easy for me to find images in the future: whether that be for personal or commercial purposes.

The end result will be a searchable library of images that has more value than the same images, with no useful metadata, scattered in a haphazard fashion among multiple hard drives and offline backups on DVDs etc.

The value of an image is...what someone in the market is prepared to pay for it...minus...the time and effort you have to spend in finding it and reprocessing it (if necessary) to meet the required output specification. And if you can't find it easily, the opportunity may pass.

When an image collection grows to the many thousands, you need DAM to manage it.

Peter Krogh's book convinced me of that.

Best wishes.

Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $1 at 15:20 EST on 2008-Feb-11 [Reply]


Great image Eugene. I like it for it's quirkiness. i always thought you had to have a big brain to be good at chess and this just goes to prove it. I actually find the slogan a bit distracting and while scrolling up and down I found a version I preferred when I couldn't see any of the text.

adrian tear HoF Win ¤ $ at 17:38 EST on 2008-Feb-11 [Reply]


I like the point of view of the chess board over his shoulder. It puts you in his shoes. For info on the halfling go here.

Frank Brault ¤ $ at 21:25 EST on 2008-Feb-11 [Reply]


Frank and Adrian - many thanks for your appreciations and comments. Adrian I see what you mean on the other hand me and my weird humour found it hilarious! Frank, thanks for the clarifying link.

Rob, yes I am convinced of the points that you make. The more images I have now, there is a need for a good and robust DAM. I am more and more impressed with LR on that plus its image editing capabilities. Thanks for coming back to this again. I have really enjoyed and appreciated your sharing of info and this discussion.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 18:25 EST on 2008-Feb-12 [Reply]

You're welcome, Eugene.


Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $1 at 21:43 EST on 2008-Feb-12 [Reply]

NO SUBJECT have to love the humour on this one! ;) Interesting angle, did he win or the halfling got away?

Joćo Medeiros Win ¤ ¤1 at 17:37 EST on 2008-Feb-26 [Reply]


Thanks very much Joao! I dont know if he won or not as I left shortly afterwards. Thanks for the comments though!

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 14:38 EST on 2008-Feb-28 [Reply]