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In memory of my father

In memory of my father
Copyright ©2007, Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1

Mr. Yu-Hua Chang (1935 ~ 2007)

I would like to dedicate this photograph to my father, Yu-Hua Chang, who, after 2 months of treatment in ICU with the whole family by his side, passed away on October 13th, 2007.

My father is a gifted artist. There are 70-some oil paintings of his in our house. He has shown his works along with other artist friends several times locally and internationally, but he never got to publish all his works in one book under his name. While he was ill, I photographed all the paintings I could find and made a photo book for him. That photo book turned out to be the last thing he was able to see (other than us family members). These two months what he went through was unimaginable, but he showed incredible courage and dignity. A painful experience for all of us, as none of us (including himself) could have anticipated this outcome. But we cherished every single moment in the hospital with him. We as a family has never been closer.

In Buddhism, his journey is just starting, as life and death is like 2 sides of a coin. He has now become a bodhisattva, perhaps an artistic bodhisattva! We loved him, and he knew that. We also knew that he loved us and is moving on without any fear and regret. He is with us and we are with him.

I took this photo yesterday. This is the room where he painted. I wish I had taken photos of him at work, not just an empty chair.

Dad, I love you.

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Photographer: Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1
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Uploaded: 2007-Oct-22 10:11 EDT
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Beautiful shot! I really am sorry for your loss. Best wishes...

João Medeiros Win ¤ ¤ at 10:30 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


What a wonderful and moving image you have made to honor and remember your Father by. His journey I am sure is not finished yet. The empty space he has left is not truly empty in your heart. Perhaps the time will come that the family can publish those paintings he left for you. U have lost both of my Parents, and it is never easy, bu I bless them both with my own work and memories.

"There is no path in the sky and a monk must find the inner path. All things indeed pass away, but the Buddhas are forever in eternity."

Best thoughts and wishes,


E. Edwin Ennor ~ (E³) HoF Win ¤ $ at 10:34 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


Please accept my most heart-felt condolences for your loss. May your memories warm you and may your father rest in peace...

Selim Ataz Win ¤ $ at 10:35 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


Very beautiful and moving image Jyh-Lurn. I'm very sorry por the loss of your father. I lost my mother many years ago in a similar way and was a hard and painful experience. I know how you must feel.

Receive my best wishes to find peace and to overcome this sad times.

Best regards,

Marcelo Guarini HoF ¤ $ at 11:10 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


A beautiful image and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 11:31 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


my sincere sympathy sure he'll appreciate this image ...a cracking one for the memories ...God bless his soul ...

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 12:37 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


Lewis, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Your tribute was very moving to me--both the image and the words. As Doro says, the image feels so alive and the presence of your dad in this space is palpable. Lovely to see this intimate corner that he spent so many cherished hours in. The way this room is lit is just beautiful, it gives me goosebumps. The light seems to hold extra symbolism with the chair showing us its shadow side and with the center of the light falling on his artwork. I'm sure he got great pleasure from the photo book you made for him and of course from the presence of his family. Thank you for sharing this difficult news with MFT, and for giving us the pleasure of vieiwng this wonderful image.

Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤1 $ at 13:18 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


Looking at your photo, one can really feel your sorrow and the sadness of your loss - the strong connection between you and him.....please accept my sincere sympathy

vaggelis fragiadakis HoF Win ¤ $1 $ at 15:14 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


I wondered what had happened to you and where you had gone as I have missed your pictures and comments on MFT. Now I know. Please accept my condolences. I wish you and your family all the strength you need and hope that you will be able to keep contact and share good memories of your father and past days despite the geographical distance between you.

It’s good to see you communicate your feelings through pictures like the one you have posted here. Your father is not showing in the picture, but still I sense that his presence is there. The room doesn’t look empty.


p.t. Inactive Win ¤1 $ at 18:48 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]


Very poignant……. best wishes.

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 20:47 EDT on 2007-Oct-22 [Reply]

Sincere condolences, Lewis.

Your father was a gifted artist. You are a gifted photographer. The thread persists. I lost my father when I was 17. I understand your loss. What a wonderful way to honour your Dad. Best wishes.

Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $1 at 09:57 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


Lovely photo and very dignified, poignant words - my thoughts are with you Jyh-Lurn

Kind regards


Andy Collin HoF Win ¤ $ at 10:14 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


My thoughts are with you on this painful time.

Alan Letterman ¤ at 11:02 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


beautiful picture, but this workshop seem to be empty without the Master... i was born on october 13th. this reminds me that everything comes and goes away:( Best wishes, Sebastian

Sebastian Rogowski at 11:18 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]

Thank you all

João, Edwin, Selim, Marcelo, Eugene, Dorothée, dee vee, Elisabeth, vaggelis, Frank, Caroline, Chris, Rob, Andy, Alan, and Sebastian,

I have never met any of you in person, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words. Everyone has learned so much from this painful yet very positive experience. The family has become stronger. We love each other more and more. We have a better view of this world and the meaning of life. We also need some time to heal, but we all know what we can do it. We also know that our father is now at a better place helping others (I am not going to drown you with Buddhist wisdom). These two months my dad was so ill, but holding his hand, talking by his ears, chanting sutras and dharanis for him, showing him cards from friends, etc. was such a wonderful moment in our lives. The whole family fought together with the power of love. This has become an irreplaceable memory.

I will still be busy for a couple of weeks in Taiwan. I'll try to visit MFT when I can. I miss this place and I miss the people here.

Thank you again. Jyh-Lurn (Lewis)

Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1 at 12:10 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


It is the painful experiences in life that give us strength. It is the people in our lives that give us joy. And, it is art and beauty in life that give us hope. May you and your loved ones find strength to pass through this difficult time. May the memories of your father give you joy. And, may his art live on to spread beauty to all those who have the honor to view his work.

My deepest condolences to you and yours...

Regards, Chris

Chris O'Neill ¤1 $ at 14:16 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


A wonderful tribute to your father, Lewis, both with your words and this beautiful image. Even when we lose the people we love they are never completely gone because a part of their spirit lives on in our hearts.

Marianne Decker Win ¤ at 20:40 EDT on 2007-Oct-23 [Reply]


Chris and Marianne,

Thank you very much. Although sad and emotional, we also feel extremely blessed to have spent 2 months together as a family. This was a difficult yet amazing time in our lives.


Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1 at 10:27 EDT on 2007-Oct-24 [Reply]


Lewis, please accept my condolences for you and your family's loss. You have created a beautiful and moving tribute with both words and image, that I'm sure your father would be proud of. My best wishes to you.

Stephen Lacy HoF ¤ $ at 23:44 EDT on 2007-Oct-24 [Reply]


lewis, i just wanted to take a minute to share how how deeply moving your story was and reiterate the sentiments expressed by earlier posts. in my new career i find myself presented with death and families struggling with that reality on a daily basis. i find it fascinating ho individuals approach subjects like remembrance and this image speaks volumes for your respect of your father. it seems easy to imagine him sitting in front of th easel and its a wonderful way to remember him. my condolences.

best, john

John Roper HoF Win ¤ $ at 19:05 EDT on 2007-Oct-25 [Reply]


Thank you Stephen. I appreciated it. And John, thank you for your kind words as well. It's great to hear from you. I'll see you around.


Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1 at 19:37 EDT on 2007-Oct-25 [Reply]


A very moving tribute to your father. I'm sorry I missed this. Please accept my belated condolences to you and your family. It is good to hear that your family became much closer. I'm sure there are many wonderful memories being shared in the time since.


Brad Kargus ¤ $1 at 12:42 EDT on 2009-Sep-03 [Reply]

Thank you Brad

As the 2-year anniversary of his passing is approaching, it's very nice of you to send me a note. I really appreciate that.

Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1 at 12:47 EDT on 2009-Sep-03 [Reply]


Congratulations on the HoF, particularly for such a heart felt image.

Nigel Armes HoF Win ¤1 at 16:48 EDT on 2009-Sep-03 [Reply]


Congratulations, it is a really wonderful image. Regards

Silvo Salcnik Win ¤ at 03:44 EDT on 2009-Sep-04 [Reply]


Thank you Nigel and Silvo for your time. I appreciated it. Lewis

Jyh-Lurn Chang HoF Win ¤1 at 23:19 EDT on 2009-Sep-04 [Reply]