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Interested in a new Four Thirds?

John Roper says:

Based on the so far as yet unsubstantiated rumors surrounding the new E300... WHO WILL BUY A NEW E300 ONCE IT IS RELEASED?

I for one am intrigued at the possibility of a 'coat pocket' sized 4/3 camera with an entry level price tag! I think that versus investing in a new E1, I'll more than likely go for the new E300 for the time being and look to the future for the pro-spec E1 replacement. *snip* Based on speculation so far (and of course Oly's reputation and the performance of the E1) I will most definately buy the new E300!

Anyone else?...

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by Zguy ¤

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E-300 buy?

If it has 8MPixels AND a live preview like E-20, AND it has the dust-shaker AND it's not too crippled, I'd buy it as backup to E-1. Else I'll wait for next E-camera.

George Anderson at 17:36 EDT on 2004-Sep-16 [Reply]

Links for the rumoured E300?

Does anyone have any links to the rumoured E300? I won't be considering it inanyway as I'm just over the moon with what I've got...............unless of course they bring out something which is even, dare I say it............better than the E1, in which case I'll have to sweet talk my bank manager......

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 17:09 EDT on 2004-Sep-17 [Reply]

New Four Thirds

I'm would be interested in seeing another Olympus prosumer model with around 8 megapixels and easier histogram preview. It would have to be in the class and quality of the E-1, which would then serve as my backup camera.

Blayne Gervais Win ¤ $1 at 22:46 EDT on 2004-Sep-17 [Reply]

Not in the spirit of the question,but no...

I am quite set for now,thanks. Priorities include a vacation trip to Vancouver, a school reunion, and maybe a cruise to Alaska. Thus budget puts restraint on the latest and greatest. I am certain there will be new electronics, faster, possibly smaller, but not necessarily more useful. And last,but not least, I want to spend some of my nest egg on some learning experiences to make better use of what I have now. I believe the ultimate viewing device will soon be a 50 inch LCD screen. Keep some fun money for that all my friends. Isn't that the best way to view our shots? Be well, cheers, and aloha,Gerry

Gerald Siegel ¤1 at 02:43 EDT on 2004-Sep-18 [Reply]

Curious, but not for me

I'm definately curious as to what will be released, but am going to wait for the upgrade to the E-1. Great camera, but a couple of things I'd really like to see.

faster shutter speed better noise at higher ISO more focusing points

Robert Marshall ¤1 at 11:51 EDT on 2004-Sep-21 [Reply]

If I didn't have the E1...

..., I might consider it. I guess it will be a nice first dfSLR for many amateurs.

Jens Birch HoF ¤ $ at 09:56 EDT on 2004-Sep-22 [Reply]

E300 Rumours

I think the E1 is an excellent camera and a good compromise as a pro standard model. When compared with other 'pro standard' models it is a bargain alongside say the Nikon D1X or similar Canon models. The 10D doesn't count because Canon seems to have missed out that magic ingredient.

I already have an Olympus 5060WZ as a back up and that is a remarkable camera to just carry around on long walking trips. In fact the 5060 remindes me somewhat of the Leica M series.

I think I might be interested in an upgraded E1 with better LCD magnification and, most of all, improved focusing segments. If I can afford it?

Ken Carter at 18:16 EDT on 2004-Sep-22 [Reply]

E-300? maybe ... However ...

A camera that fits the vest pocket, would be a very tempting buy, but what interests me more, would be an announcement from Olympus that when the E-1 is upgraded, existing owners can do the same thing that Kodak are offering on their older 14n DSLRs, a CCD upgrade! If you don't believe me, go to the professional section of their website. With Kodak's links to the 4/3rd's system, it must be something Olly are very aware of, and it would increase their profile in the marketplace. I would have thought the CCD and associated ultrasonic cleaner, comes as a self-contained unit that slots onto the circuit mambrane that links everything else up, and by retaining the same body and changing the badge to E-1a etc. to indicate it's been upgraded, would save them the costs of redesigning and re-tooling their assy lines which must be a huge expense that has to be factored into a new model. But then I'm an optomist, and just can't see why a new model, needs a new body when much of the changes can be implemented by Firmware upgrades and maybe different processors on a revised varient of the existing circuit membrane. After all, this kind of thing already poerates on PCs, and I'll bet when Fuji introduced new models in the past, they just fitted 'guts' with higher spec CCDs on them when some of their cameras were updated from 4.2 to 6.o Mpxl models. I'm of course posting this to promote camera design going down this route rather than the one they seem to have their mind-set locked into. I'm sure many owners are just as annoyed as I would be to see a 'new' model appear that is effectively 'taking them to the cleaners' in this way. The press are keeping VERY quiet about Kodak's innovation on this front, because it changes how cameras are sold etc.

Sam Chapman ¤ at 07:44 EDT on 2004-Sep-23 [Reply]

E300 up on Olympus website today...

I noticed that the E300 is up on the Olympus website earlier today. Full specs not yet available, but some info is available, plus some pictures. It's not an E-1 replacement for sure, but might be an interesting body to own (all the digital lenses fit, of course).


Dave Fifield ¤ at 20:58 EDT on 2004-Sep-27 [Reply]


The main reasons I'm not going for it are picky really. Smaller buffer. 95% viewfinder. That's really why. I'm waiting to see the Pro SLR before deciding if I need another camera.

Derek Zundel ¤ at 00:31 EDT on 2004-Sep-29 [Reply]