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Should John Roper get his own E-1?

This one is a follow up to our previous poll (see first comment). We all know John's been using his girlfriend's E-1 this whole time. Is it time for him to get his own Four Thirds camera? :-)

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by Zguy ¤

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it was supposed to be a gift...

i guess it turned out to be a gift to himself!


Liz Norris at 00:58 EDT on 2004-Sep-14 [Reply]


I think he likes to quarrel with her about it - I do ;)

Wolfgang Tretter HoF ¤ $ at 02:30 EDT on 2004-Sep-14 [Reply]

Ethical self debate

John Roper should not have more time with an E1, he keeps nicking the No1 slot too much already.

No No No that's not the way to think.

Yes John should have his own E1.

But then that makes it tougher for the rest of us!

I know but his work is stimulating, he makes you think about things differently and work harder at getting the 'great' shot.

I've guessed, I hope correctly, that Liz is the lady concerned. Oh no her works blooming good too, that means Liz will be making things tougher.

Hang on if John buys an E1 that helps promote the format and maybe I'll benefit from that in the future.

Wow, if John hangs on a few weeks he might buy one of the new whizzy E1s, that would be terrible. Absolutely no chance then.

Now, you know that's not true, the camera is a tool, it helps, but it's the photographer 'what' makes the difference.

Oh dear, life is tough enough without being asked questions like this.

Hang on I'll spin a coin.

Yep, you get an E1 John.

:-) :-) :-)

Rex Waygood HoF ¤1 $ at 03:05 EDT on 2004-Sep-14 [Reply]

awww...i'm touched!

after all this time on your wonderful site, my very own poll! guys, you shouldn't have! just kidding...actually when i first saw it, i thought i was imagining things. it took me a minute to decide it was real. then it just made me smile!

on a serious note, since we're polliing on my purchase of a new E1...i can answer that with a resounding NO! i will NOT be purchasing a new E1 body. to be honest, i like sharing the camera with my girlfriend. it's a nice way to spend our time, we are both very passionate about our photography and it's kind of fun to squabble over who's going to take a pic.

so, since i've answered that question and there's no contreversy left in this poll...i'd would like to suggest a new poll...

based on the so far as yet unsubstantiated rumors surrounding the new E300... WHO WILL BUY A NEW E300 ONCE IT IS RELEASED?

i for one am intrigued at the possibility of a 'coat pocket' sized 4/3 camera with an entry level price tag! i think that versus investing in a new E1, i'll more than likely go for the new E300 for the time being and look to the future for the pro-spec E1 replacement. maybe we can make better use of your bandwidth and transfer this into a new poll...based on speculation so far (and of course Oly's reputation and the performance of the E1) i will most definately buy the new E300!

anyone else?...

thanks again, guys!

best, john

John Roper HoF Win ¤ $1 at 23:09 EDT on 2004-Sep-14 [Reply]

Glad you enjoyed that!

If you take a look at the poll closely though, you'll see we suggested you get a new "Four Thirds camera" and not an E-1. :-)

We're also glad you suggested the new poll yourself as we didn't want to start any speculations about a new camera until Olympus officially made an announcement. But now that you bring up the E300...we say why not!? This will be a good segway into our follow up poll anyways.

Thanks for the laughs everyone!

Zguy ¤ at 23:47 EDT on 2004-Sep-14 [Reply]


I think John should visit me when my photog friend gets the Canon EOS 1ds and I'm playing with it all the time....he'll be selling his Kodak DCS 14N if you're interested....may give you an amazing price for it...if you want to play in the digitial realm....

Patrick Martin Jr ¤ at 23:16 EST on 2004-Nov-11 [Reply]