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Ringside Seat

Ringside Seat
Copyright ©2006, Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤ $

Edited the image to fix a small but distracting problem with the lower part of her hair. Don't know if anyone else noticed it, but I did!

Photographer: Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤ $
Folder: ES Miscellaneous
Uploaded: 2006-Jul-10 10:18 EDT
Current Rating: 9.56/9 (Weighted rating: 9.08)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-1
Lens: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8/3.5
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/2.9
Shutter Speed: 1/25
Focal Length: 19 mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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A beautiful look into the life of a child, Elisabeth. One can only imagine what the little girl might be thinking as she looks out over the water. The pose is delightful, the color absolutely wonderful.

The only small niggle I have is the light on the horizon above the girl's head. In my mind I think of her looking off toward the city / town lights on the far shore and this one light is distracting and leads my eye away. Otherwise excellent!!

Blayne Gervais Win ¤ $ at 11:54 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


Blayne I appreciate your comments very much. When I was working on this image, I went back and forth on that little light you mentioned. I felt pretty neutral about it, but it's nice to know what others think and I'm happy to remove it. I think it does look better now that I've done it--thanks!

Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤ $ at 14:17 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


a beautiful almost paint like image ...the lights although distracting do have a purpose i guess ? ...well done ;-))

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 14:39 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


Amazing colors, a great composition and a beautiful model... I love the way the light falls on her hair and the pose is good. The black lines are strong enough to give the picture with its the soft colors the perfect strength.

vaggelis fragiadakis HoF Win ¤ $1 $ at 16:06 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]

Like a painting

The Colours really are beautiful.I really like everything about this photo.Well done Elisabeth.You must be evry proud of it.I'm Sure this is a real contender for HOF.All the best...Dave

Dave T ¤1 at 16:47 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]

A superb

composition and I love the way the child's stance and gaze line up with the sun and the lights on the horizon.

The lighting and texture on the pier provide a beautiful stage for the child. I love her wild hair, it evokes the feeling of a free spirit.

The lighting and colours in the sky and sea are really attractive. The fact that the sun is not an extremely strong burnt out orb is a bonus.

In my mind worthy of the 10, well done.

Rex Waygood HoF ¤1 $ at 17:09 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


Gorgeous shot. It deserves a 10 from me too. Might have been tempted to get rid of the strange lollipop shaped building just above her head but I am loath to criticise such a strong shot.

adrian tear HoF Win ¤ $ at 17:42 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]



Amy Anderson ¤ at 17:46 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


Hey Lis! My favorite is the colour in the horizon here. Very natural looking but things seem to be as you placed them. Not sure if I'd clone out the water tower or not. Did you bring out the highlights in the girl? Like this scene much. -JP

JonPaul Douglass ¤ $ at 18:28 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


Love the scene, Elisabeth. Nice sharpness. Like the way the cloud shadow accentuates the position of the girl. I think you might crop the 1/2 board at the bottom. Great job. Regards, Brian.

Brian H Kelly ¤ at 19:12 EDT on 2006-Jul-10 [Reply]


dee vee, Vaggelis, Dave, Rex, Adrian, Amy, JP, and Brian. You are all very kind. Thank you so much for your nice response.

Adrian-- the lollipop building is just a ubiquitous water tower. Now you have me curious about what your water towers look like where you live! And JP, yes, I did bring out some of the highlights in her hair. She has such fun hair to photograph and I liked the way her hair reminded me of the rippling waves and dark/light stripes elsewhere in the image. By the way, as I looked at her hair again, I noticed that the lower part could be improved (the color/lighting looked a bit odd in one little part), so I edited the image a bit.

Thanks again for all the kind remarks.

Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤ $ at 09:52 EDT on 2006-Jul-11 [Reply]


I like the composition and recognized this as yours from the thumbnail (your have your own style when it comes to these seaside children activity pictures). Seems as Iím the odd one out here because I find the colours on this picture strange and unnatural (I often like strange, unreal and unnatural scenes, but here I just get the feeling that itís wrong). Too cold (blue/cyan) and I must admit I thought it looked like you had shot it in jpg and had chosen the wrong white balance. But from your and the otherís comments I must assume this was a conscious choice and that the result is what you wanted it to be. It just looks strange/wrong to me Ė different tastes, you know. :-)

To me it also looks like you have run the part of the picture with water on through noise reduction software. It looks kind a smooth/plastic compared to the rest of the picture.

p.t. Inactive Win ¤ $ at 07:25 EDT on 2006-Jul-15 [Reply]


Caroline, thanks for your detailed and considered comments.

The color is intentional, but not manipulated *too* much from the original image which was shot in very low light and had quite a cool cast. The picture was built up from 3 different raw exposures, and I worked on separating/enhancing the colors using a and b curves in LAB mode. The resulting foreground was actually much more teal-colored than here; I had to tone it down quite a bit. I played with different color balances, but versions with a warmer foreground created a big disconnect for me, as if the image were stitched from 2 different photos. I liked the feeling of her almost bathing in the pink and blue light. I also liked the repetitive pink and blue stripes in the water, her clothing, and the pier itself. I realize other people have different tastes and this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea! I'd worry if we all liked/agreed on the same things.

There wasn't much if any noise reduction performed on the water or sky. Both the water and sky--really everything past the pier, was much more out of focus than I would have liked. Almost caused me to ditch the shot. I wound up selectively sharpening the horizon to give the illusion of greater DOF. I agree that the water and the sky look almost like a watercolor painting; not sure I completely like the effect, but couldn't do much about it so accepted it because I had no choice ;-).

Thanks again for looking and commenting.

Elisabeth Spector HoF Win ¤ $ at 18:47 EDT on 2006-Jul-15 [Reply]


this came up as a random image; I enjoyed then and I am enjoying now; a superb composition Elisabeth!

vaggelis fragiadakis HoF Win ¤ $ $ at 18:18 EDT on 2007-May-25 [Reply]


I really love this Elisabeth. The colours and the light! It really makes me wonder what she is thinking of.

Thanks for the comment, it ment alot to me. Belive it or not! :)

Kamilla Hansen at 21:25 EDT on 2007-Aug-04 [Reply]