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Rating Restart

by Ferd Berfle

As of today, I'm taking up rating and being rated numerically again. I do this because it's the (currently) accepted rule of the site, and because as Rex has told us over and over, it'll only work if we all do it. I only control me, so I'm going to do what I can. What has happened to ratings in the last few months is ample evidence that Rex is right.

I'm not posting this to proselytize or suggest that the media be alerted, but to go on record that I intend to use the entire scale as it is depicted in the Guide for Critiquing and shown on each and every rating/comment popup. I expect to give out lots of 5's and a significant number of scores below that. 9's will be very hard to get, 10's virtually impossible. If Edward Weston shows up, I might reconsider. My thoughts on this are complicated by the wrong-headed way HoF's are currently chosen, so I have to resolve that somehow for myself. Suggestions are welcome.

To those who are the type who will get twisted into tight little knots by being scored this way: I don't care. Here's my e-mail address: fberfle@[nospam] (take out the [nospam]). Flame away. You will receive a link to this post, and to the scoring criteria, in return. If you want to do some retaliatory scoring on my stuff, have at it. I've gone for months without being on the HRI or being nominated to the HoF. I didn't care then and I don't care now.

It's not my intention to be offensive, so I suppose I should apologize for the belligerent tone. It's been a combative couple of days. I'm actually looking forward to participating in this way again, and for the opportunity to do so with the full bandwidth. That Rex is one wise man.

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I'll second that motion, Ferd!

Though I can't promise to rate many images, due to time constraints, I will rate whenever possible. I haven't done this for some time now and have instead preferred to offer comments only. From this day forth I'll do both in an attempt to assist with this ongoing problem of rating.

Let's hope that it works...for all concerned! :-)

Blayne Gervais Win ¤ $ at 16:11 EST on 2006-Jan-23 [Reply]


Alex, I could not agree with you more. I joined the site a few weeks ago as well. I have next to no experience and sometimes I am hesitant to rate many images being all I really know is that I like it...the reasons sometimes I cannot explain in detail due to my lack of technical knowledge. There are many members on the site that honestly I can go look at near every picture they have ever posted and want to give straight tens down the line, but I feel that in position my opinion really doesn't count. Until I get more experience I think I am going to feel strange rating photos. I'm always good for some feedback on how a photo makes me feel, but that takes no talent it just happens! :) In fact the lowest score I have handed out right now is a 7 and I don't think(with my skill level) that I can say anyone's work is "not good" Though when I see a really good picture...I can feel it, it draws my attention and I look and stare in wonderment. I want my pictures to be like that. Hopefully with the help of the MFT league of extraordinary day they might. So far many have shown interest and given me the suggestions that I'm starving for. I joined to get advice, tips, and feedback, be it good or bad, either way it's the information that will help me improve! If I post a picture and it gets totally ripped apart, I could care less, most likely the worse it is the more great advice I will get. I did join the site at an interesting time, I prob. didn't help the situation either with my newbieness. I will definately be thinking a lot more about my ratings and also remember who they are coming from. BTW Ferd you are quite the writer :)


JonPaul Douglass ¤ $ at 21:05 EST on 2006-Jan-23 [Reply]

I restarted too Ferd.

For much the same reasons as you state. But my interest has waned for some reason. I have not stopped, but I don't spend the time.

E. Edwin Ennor ~ (Eł) HoF Win ¤ $ at 11:45 EST on 2006-Jan-24 [Reply]