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Mist on Windermere III

Mist on Windermere III
Copyright ©2005, Chris Cooke HoF ¤1

Shout up if you're getting board with these!

Thought I'd give this one a quick try with "auto colour".

Photographer: Chris Cooke HoF ¤1
Folder: ChrisCooke
Uploaded: 2005-Nov-25 19:23 EST
Current Rating: 8.80/5 (Weighted rating: 8.45)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-1
Lens: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8/3.5
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 100
Aperture: f16
Shutter Speed: 1/60
Focal Length: 27mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: Yes
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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This is good! Far better than the other two! I like that this one has several colours (yellow, blue and grey). Now I'm really curious about how the pictures from this place was before levels, curves and auto colours. :-)

p.t. Inactive Win ¤ $ at 19:27 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


It really pleases me to know that I could catch your eye with a "boring landscape" LOL

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 19:56 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]

Colourful pictures

Caroline I just been checking to see how many colours "Winter in Norway" ( had LOL.

By the way I really must find time to delve into your folder more often. There's loads in there I haven't seen!

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 20:03 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


I have pretty much the same comment as the last one - I really wonder how you managed to capture a sense of vertical fog bank against horizontal water - there is a very real sense of depth and then it stops at the wall of fog.

One can never get bored with these kind of images.

Well done.

Tom Francis ¤1 at 20:15 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


Cheers Tom

I've got to admit it's just luck, but you've still sent me off to bed with a smile on my face!

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 20:21 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


Very nice.

Scott Whittemore ¤ $1 at 20:21 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


Hope you wake with another one Chris.

I've missed one, and will take a look at that in a minute, but auto whatever has served yo very well here I think. The atmosphere, composition, lighting....really quite special I feel. Maybe it's just me, and that wouldn't be entirely suprising, but the horizon looks like it could do with a wee tweak or so.

Nonetheless, a beautifully balanced scene. Nice one.

Best wishes- Andy

Andrew McLean HoF ¤1 $ at 20:44 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


I know I said I was off to bed nearly 1/2 an hour ago but it's hard to tear yourself away from this place!

Yes you're right about the horizon, I noticed it after I'd posted it, but I was supposed to be going to bed then and that's over an hour ago.

Thanks very much for you otherwise kind words (:0). I'm not so surprised that you like it since I think it's framed like the crop you suggested for the first one. Wait a minute, perhaps it was somebody else, didn't you suggest a portrait shot of just these two boats?

Whatever, I'm off to bed ........ !

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 21:02 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


zzzz, ... zzzzz,....

Andrew McLean HoF ¤1 $ at 21:05 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


This I feel is the best of the series. The details stand out better than before. The picture seems heavy on the lower right corner and a slight tilt of the masts to the right reinforces that unbalancing feeling. Otherwise this is my most favorite.

H. K. Tang ¤ ¤ $1 at 22:56 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]


not sure the horizon line is level> i;d like the masking of the sun and the asymmetrical compo

dee vee HoF Win ¤ $1 at 23:20 EST on 2005-Nov-25 [Reply]



Tim Kenworthy ¤1 at 00:18 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


.*lol* You found the colour version of “Winter in Norway”. When clicking on the link you have provided I hoped it would lead to the B&W version – just so that I could have said: Chris, Chris – that’s a B&W. :-D

I agree with you that we should visit members’ folders more often. I think I look at MFT pictures almost every day, but still there are loads of pictures I miss out on.

p.t. Inactive Win ¤1 $ at 05:59 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


Definitely the best one in the series so far. Superb shot! Wonderful composition and subdued lighting. Yummy.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 06:08 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


yes - this is a lovely shot - and I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned Turner yet, because to me this whole image sceams ' TURNER' - but maybe good old Willy would have tweaked his horizons before he posted!!

nigel harvey ¤1 at 07:34 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


I also like this the best. The gradual changing colors from the yellow of the sun's reflections off the water to gray white is beautiful. I love the mists and the way the buildings are trying to "peek" out of them. The boats to the right of them and the birds in the water in front of them add interest and balance to a fine composition.

Frank Brault ¤1 $ at 11:46 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


sorry John - missed your inevitability somehow...

nigel harvey ¤1 at 12:50 EST on 2005-Nov-26 [Reply]


Sorry to take so long to say thankyou to all that have added comments since the last time I replied.

Since so many of you mentioned about it looking a bit tilted, myself included, it had been my original intention to correct that and perhaps post a different version. But one I haven't had time, plus I've been barred off the phone line for about a week (no, I haven't got broadband) pending the birth of our second grandchild. Also since I've had a closer look I've come to the opinion that the skewed look is largley an illusion. Though I must admit I've had the ruler tool on the end of the jetty or alternatively along the misty waterline at the bottom of the opposite shoreline and it does show to be out by about 0.4 deg. I've tried rotating it by this amount (anti cw) but it still looks way out when you view it as a thumb.

Perhaps I should just rotate it till it just looks right, what do you think?

Thanks again all who commented.

Chris Cooke HoF ¤1 at 20:58 EST on 2005-Dec-03 [Reply]