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Copyright ©2005, Andrew McLean HoF ¤ $

Photographer: Andrew McLean HoF ¤ $
Folder: Ardennes Weekend
Uploaded: 2005-Oct-20 15:19 EDT
Current Rating: 9.00/1 (Weighted rating: 8.20)
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Copying allowed: No
Camera: Olympus E-1
Lens: Olympus 14-54mm f2.8/3.5
Lens Adapter: None
ISO: 200
Aperture: f4.0
Shutter Speed:
Focal Length: 41mm
Flash: No
Tripod/Monopod: No
Critique Level: Dead Honest Critique

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Really like this one Andy. I love the way you have captured everyone so absorbed in what they are doing and none of it is posed. The background although it looks blown in parts in the sky, does not impinge at all for me, in fact I rather like it as it adds to the feeling of authenticity about the situation you have captured in complete spontaneity. The gaze of the person on the left is evocative of something happening outside the frame and widens the horizon of interest in the image. I also like the absorbtion of the two girls in the mid and back ground. A lovely gentle image well converted.

Eugene Donohoe HoF Win ¤1 $ at 17:41 EDT on 2005-Oct-20 [Reply]


Andrew this is wonderful. Eugene has said it all and I agree 100%.

Frank Brault ¤1 $ at 20:52 EDT on 2005-Oct-20 [Reply]

Reminds me of my childhood

We had a big family and lots of picnic's in the bush with other 'tribes'. This is evocative of enjoying life's simple pleasures in the outdoors. I actually like the blown bit in this one, Andy, because it gives a feeling of sun bursting through after a rain shower has gone over. Regardless of what the actual weather was like, it triggers a memory of that kind of thing for me. The trees also look Eucalyptine though I doubt they are. Best wishes.

Rob Smith HoF Win ¤ $1 at 23:32 EDT on 2005-Oct-20 [Reply]


i am coming late to this and think that this one...well,Eugene said all....and others...

denis grzetic HoF Win ¤1 at 12:51 EDT on 2005-Oct-21 [Reply]


I'm at a friend's house for shhh, he doesn't know..I've been banished from the kitchen! ..also listening to 'Dark side of the moon' on an absolute monster Hi-Fi system...what a sound!!

Many thanks for your comments, I was wondering how the blown sky would be received, but equally without fill flash I wouldn't have been able to do anything about anyway. Besides, I like the look of it here since the scene get s brighter with increasing distance.

I will comment on other's posts tomorrow, my apologies for not doing so today. I'm very glad you guys like the pic and grateful for your positive comments.

Ahh...'Money, get a way....., get a job...'.

Best wishes- Andy

Andrew McLean HoF ¤1 $ at 15:47 EDT on 2005-Oct-21 [Reply]