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Never use oldest Metz 45 CT-1 flashes with digital cameras

by Piero Gramenzi

As an owner of a Metz 45 CT-1, I wanted to see if I could use that flash with my E-300 so I started some research and I found the following article on the Metz web site (

The article says that Metz mecablitz 45-CT 1 units featuring a model number that is smaller than 534 000 are fitted with a so-called high-voltage ignition circuit. These flash units must not be directly connected to modern cameras as this could even damage the camera!

All other flash units of the Metz mecablitz 45 CT and 45 CL series feature a low-voltage ignition circuit in keeping with the current standard.

As my flash unit has a model # smaller that what indicated I decided not to use it with my E-300.

Hope this will help the community.



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That's good to know...

...Piero, and kind of you to warn everyone of the possible dangers when using low serial numbered flashes by Metz. I used to have a Metz 60CT years ago when I used film, but that went when I got out of photography, many moons ago. I wish now that I had all my gear back. Oh well! :-)

Blayne Gervais Win ¤ $ at 18:03 EDT on 2005-Jun-27 [Reply]

I don't know where it is

but somewhere on MFT this has come up before, I think.

I purchased a Wein HSHSB. This is sits on the hotshoe between the flash or flash cable and brings the voltage down to a very low level safe for modern cameras.

I have a Vivitar 283 and nearly 300V appears at the base of the gun, I have used it safely with the Wein and the E1.

Rex Waygood HoF ¤1 $ at 01:34 EDT on 2005-Jun-28 [Reply]